The Chorus

Welcome to the Flight 93 Memorial Chorus site.

The impetus for this chorus actually began in 2002 when the Chorus of the Potomac in Cumberland, MD decided to pay tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 one year after that horrific day 9/11/2001.

They made the trip north to the site in Shanksville, PA to sing a tribute show and continued to do so every year thereafter.

Today; the Flight 93 Chorus sings, in addition to the Shanksville Memorial, at various churches and  civic events as our way to honor   the men and women of our armed services and first responders who risk their lives that we may enjoy the security and freedom that so many take for granted. We honor and pledge allegiance to the flag that represents this great country of ours.

Flight 93 singers come from many locations to work on this craft that we love so well. Guys, please come join us as singers (we would love to have you as a member) or let us share our voices at our next event.